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Recognizing Children’s Multiple Intelligences Early

Morinaga Platinum - 28 June 2024

Have you heard of the concept of multiple intelligences, Moms? The educational expert from the United States of America, Professor Howard Gardner, is the person who developed this concept. He showed that there are 8 multiple intelligences, namely: linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial-visual, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist.


Moms need to remember and underline that each individual has a different talent. There are people who are talented in the field of exact sciences like mathematics, while some are more prominent at sports. This does not mean that people who are good at math are more intelligent than those who are good at sports. The right guidance will bring good results, whatever talent your children might have. To know how to handle the children, we have to recognize the multiple intelligences they have.


As parents, Moms and Dads definitely know your children the best as you often spend time with them. To identify the children’s multiple intelligences, pay close attention to their behavior. Here are 8 multiple intelligences according to Professor Howard Gardner:


Linguistic Intelligence

This intelligence is possessed by children who like to read, write, and talk. Generally, this type of children is more prominent in writing up stories, writing poetry, storytelling, discussion, or debate.


Logic-Mathematical Intelligence

Children who are more prominent in this field have more ability to solve problems. This can be seen from their passion in playing puzzle, arranging numbers or sentences, experimenting, asking questions, and adept at analyzing situation or other people.


Spatial Visual Intelligence

Do your children like to draw, make figures from play wax, or make a building with Lego or blocks? That means they possess the spatial visual intelligence. Furthermore, they are also prominent in geometry so they are good at reading maps and visualizing objects and buildings.


Intrapersonal Intelligence

Children who possess this intelligence are generally calmer, more mature, and can manage their own self well. They are able to introspect their own self, understand the meaning and purpose of good life, have good confidence and emotionally stable. They can motivate their own self to do something without being told by their parents, have creativity and wisdom.


Interpersonal Intelligence

If the children are easy to be close with others, able to communicate effectively, and have good social skill, then they are blessed with the interpersonal intelligence. They usually enjoy working in groups.


Kinesthetic Intelligence

Children who have kinesthetic intelligence are generally athletic, good at various sports and physical activities, such as dancing, riding bicycle, swimming, and playing soccer. They also have a good body balance. They also express themselves well through body language and can quickly imitate movements.


Naturalist Intelligence

Naturalist intelligence means that children are very interested in nature, plants, animals, and environments. They love to play outdoors, enjoy the nature, gardening, and animal lovers.


Musical Intelligence

Moms must be able to guess by its name, right? If your children are adept at recognizing the tone, rhythm, and sound as well as good at singing and playing musical instruments, then that means they possess the musical intelligence.


What do you think, Moms? Have you noticed your children multiple intelligences? Keep stimulating their talent so they can achieve maximum results. And do not compare them with anyone as they have different talents. Remember that each individuals is blessed with different multiple intelligences.

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