Multiple Intelligences

Multitalented Platinum Generation Kind of Holiday

Morinaga Platinum - 21 June 2016

Your children will be on school holiday soon. Surely this will be a very fun moment for them, Moms, and Dads because there will be more time to be spent together. But can this school holiday be the children’s learning occasion? Of course, Moms. You could use this school holiday to teach your children to be Multitalented Platinum Generation, a generation that is ready to face future challenges.


Every child must have a talent that can be trained and developed and Moms must have already known what their talent is. During this school holiday, Moms could enroll the children for some courses that can develop their skill, such as drawing, singing, playing the piano, etc. Moms could also register them to various competitions to boost their talent, but of course without forcing them to do it. If you are still unsure about what talent they have, you can find it at Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan by answering some questions about the children.

Healthy and Strong

One of the activities that can be done by all family members during holiday is exercising together like biking, jogging, swimming, etc. These activities are good for the children and family’s strength and endurance.


School holiday is also the best opportunity to train your children’s creativity. One of the things that Moms could do with them is to make various handicrafts from unused items at home, such as making dolls from patchwork, making flower vases from used bottles, or making playing-house from cardboards. Go check Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan to help you determining what games to be played by your children to develop their creativity as well as to stimulate their multiple intelligences.

Dare to Face Challenges

There are no Moms who want their children to be fearful. Therefore, Moms and Dads could suggest the children to do some things that they have never done before, such as outbond activities, horse riding, rafting, etc.


One of the keys to be a successful person in the future is to be sociable and have a broad network of friends. It is very good to teach your children to be able to socialize with people from the early age. Moms could invite friends or relatives to visit your house and vice versa.

One Step Ahead

Moms, apparently there are still a lot of activities that haven’t catch many people’s interest yet, such as playing harp or flute and learning Spanish, German, or other languages. Learning these uncommon things could make your children to be one step ahead of their friends.

Create a Good Relationship with Family

Spending a lot of time with the entire family during this holiday can strengthen the intimacy between the children with the all family members. Because, it is undeniable that family is the closest people in their life who will always be there for them during their happy and sad moments.

Proud to Be Indonesian

During this school holiday, Moms could also introduce the children to various Indonesian cultures, such as batik, traditional dance, or go to some historical places like museums or temples

So let’s get your children to spend their school holiday to make them become Multitalented Platinum Generations.

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