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Learning While on Holiday for the Children

Morinaga Platinum - 20 June 2016

School holiday must be a moment that has been much awaited by the children, Moms, and Dads as it is one of the ways to get closer to the beloved family. However, school holiday is often spent with ordinary yet repetitive activities, such as going to the mall or travelling to other cities or countries. Not to mention that they require a lot of money and sometimes can be boring.

Moms and Dads don’t need to be confused anymore, MP have some ideas on how to spend the holiday with a cool and fun way as well as for the children to learn.

Learn How to Be a “Masterchef”

Get the children to help Moms in the kitchen and make it into a fun activity for the both of you. Moms could ask them to wash the vegetables, prepare the cooking ingredients, and set up the dining table. If your children are big enough, they can help to chop the vegetables or meats.

Clean the House

School holiday can be a great time to clean and tidy up the house. Get the children to be involved in these kinds of activities, such as sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, cleaning the windows, etc. These activities can teach the children about the importance of maintaining the environmental cleanliness. However, make sure that you ask them to do something based on their capability.


Play-date is a much awaited activity by Moms and the children where you could gather and play with relatives and friends either at home or at the playground. This activity can improve the children’s socializing skill.

What is Your Hobby?

Enrolling the children in a short course can be an alternative to spend the holiday. Surely, selecting the course should be according to the children’s interest so that they will be happy and willingly to follow the course.


Let’s adapt to a healthy living habit by exercising together during this holiday. Urge them to do swimming, cycling, playing ball in the yard, and doing other sports that your children may like.


Who doesn’t like spending time in a green open space like a park or garden? Get the children to water the plants, harvest some fruits, mow the grass, plant some flowers, or sweep the dried leaves.

What do you think about those ideas, Moms? They are fun, aren’t they? So, let’s spend the holiday and learn!



Re-written by: LYH
Source: – “10 Holiday Ideas Beneficial for the Children”

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