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Keep Your Children to Stay Healthy at School

Morinaga Platinum - 24 January 2019

Many people say that when the children entering the school age, they will be more easily to get sick. This is because they are often being outside and meeting a lot of people. Germs circulate in their surroundings, school is no exception. The spread may occur when they touch a door handle, table surface, or other objects that have been touched by other sick people. Generally, children are easily contracted to germs as their awareness of health and hygiene is still very low.

One of the effective ways to maintain their health is by washing hands routinely. Remind your children to always wash their hands with soap before eating, after coming back from the toilet, when the sneeze, etc. Rub their hands for at least 20 seconds to effectively wash the germs away.

Here are some other ways that Moms could do to maintain your children’s health at school:

Bring Them a Packed Meal

To minimize the chance of your children to get exposed to germs from food, bring them a packed food and drink from home (one of them is milk that can support their growth). Find out their favorite food and pack it for them. Moms could also present the meal to be as attractive as possible so they will be eager to eat their lunch.

Choose the Right Bag

Generally, parents will choose a backpack as it is efficient. Choosing the wrong backpack can make your children to feel pain on their back, neck and shoulders. Choose the material carefully, not too thick as it will make the bag to be heavy and not too thin as the load can’t be adjusted evenly. Choose a bag with broad, soft, and contoured shoulder strap.

Use a Hand Sanitizer

Supply your children with a hand sanitizer that they can keep in their bag. Remind them to use it before meal, after sharing computer or other things together with their friends, and after they came back from the toilet.

Close Their Mouth and Nose when Coughing or Sneezing

Provide them with tissues or mask to bring to school when they are having flu. Remind them to use the tissue when coughing or sneezing and throw it into the trash bin and to not forget to wash their hands or use the hand sanitizer after that. If they don’t bring any tissues, teach them to turn their face to the shoulder when they cough or sneeze.

Don’t Share Bottles or Other Items

Diseases can be transmitted through various means, one of them is by sharing drinks or foods from the same container. Remind your children to use their own water bottle. By doing this, children can avoid various contagious diseases.

The children’s health should also be supported by high nutritious foods, getting enough rest, and doing vaccinations on time – including the annual flu vaccines.

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