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6 Amazing Benefits of Hugging Your Children. Did You Know?

Morinaga Platinum - 19 July 2023

Dads and Moms, do you know that hugging your children does not only to show your affection, but it is also beneficial for their health?


Oftentimes Moms or Dads hug the children when you want to show how much love or attention you have towards them or to calm them down and make them feel comfortable and protected. However, it turns out that this gesture that you often do also have a positive impact towards their health.


Several studies have shown that parental hugs can help with the baby’s growth, even help the development of premature births. So nowadays, a lot of hospitals are applying this “hugging” method for babies who are still in the NICU care.


Here are the benefits of hugging the children:

  1. When being hugged, children’s body will release the oxytocin and serotonin hormone, which can make them to feel calm, happy, and relaxed.
  2. Releasing the children from anxiety. When they are hugged often, children will be less aggressive.
  3. A hug can improve children’s self-confidence, because they feel precious and loved by both of the parents.
  4. A hug can also increase their sense of security, comfort, and trust towards Moms and Dads, so they will be more open to both parents.
  5. A hug can teach them how to be considerate to each other.
  6. A hug can calm them down and keep them away from fear.


Apparently, there are a lot of benefits they can gain from a hug, Moms, so do not hesitate anymore to hug your children as often as possible.

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