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Environment: an Important Factor for Children’s Development

Morinaga Platinum - 24 January 2019

Since Moms get the positive result on your pregnancy test pack, you must have tried to provide a conducive environment for the fetal growth, such as avoiding getting exposed to cigarette smoke, not consuming any alcoholic beverages, being careful with medication, as those can trigger abnormal development in the fetus.

Indeed, hereditary or genetic factors are quite influential In the process of children’s development. However, environmental factor is not less important. Some research have found that children of the same family line – but raised in different ways – have different levels of intelligence and academic performance.

Do you know, Moms, children’s brain consists of a hundred billion nerve cells, which will form a synapse (the connector between nerve cells). The more synapses are formed, the smarter the children will become. This synapse will be formed if the children receive complete nutrition and sufficient stimulation from the environment.

Parents must want to give the best, especially to fulfill the children’s nutritional needs. Give them a balanced menu every day. With good nutrition, they will be ready to study at school. Children who are malnourished will get tired and sick easily and difficult to concentrate, resulting in obstructing their learning process.

Next, parents could provide stimulation by showing affection to the children. Children who grow in an environment full of affection and sense of security from their parents will be independent, confident, and having better cognitive, behavioral and emotional abilities.

Support your children in a good and healthy society. By socializing, children can also develop the EQ which is needed to face the working environment someday, as having high IQ alone is not enough to face the global challenge.

Encouraging the children to have a useful habit will also help in their development process, such as the habit of reading books. This habit will be beneficial for the children, like enriching their vocabularies and increasing their knowledge, imagination and creativity.

Looking at the importance of stimulation for children’s development, parents and caregivers should ensure that the children receive an adequate and quality stimulation according to their age.

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