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Development Guide: Babies Aged 0-3 Months

Morinaga Platinum - 18 July 2023

At the age of 0-3 months old, babies are yet to show progressive development as they are still too young. Let’s find out the development of infants aged 0-3 months old, Moms!

The Age of 0 Month

When they are born, babies can only cry to respond to all things. When babies are born through normal labor, their skin will tend to be wrinkled, in contrast to the babies born through a C-suction. Reflexively, a 0-month-old baby has the ability to suck, hold, and search for the Moms’ nipples. This reflex is called as the ‘primitive’ reflex that every baby has, which is a part of their instinct to survive. That is why, when babies are born, they will be positioned to lay on their stomach on top of the Moms’ breasts. They will try to find the nipple and drink the breast milk for their nutrition. This process is known as Early Breastfeeding Initiation (EBI).

The Age of 1 Month

At this age, babies will sleep longer. At this stage, babies are not able to distinguish between the day and night yet. Moms, that is why the babies often wake up and cry at night and sleep during the day. Their eye pigment is still not perfect, even though the aye pigment color will start to change in the coming weeks. Usually, they will cry loudly to express that they are hungry so Moms would understand.

The Age of 2 Months

Entering the age of 2 months, babies has begun to grow and able to see. They will try to reach the objects around them with their little fingers. Babies are also starting to like to suck their thumb and play with their own hands. But don’t let them suck their thumb, Moms. Pull their thumb out gently and hug them so they will feel warm. At the stage of recognizing objects, usually 2-month-old babies will insert any kind of objects into their mouth.

The Age of 3 Months

At this age, babies are able to recognize Moms’ voice. They are also able to hold an object very well (and put it in their mouth). At the age of 3 months, babies have become strong enough to support their head and try to roll their body to the right and left. Keep them protected, Moms. Don’t forget to wash their toys clean so there will be no bacteria attached.

Well, here are some glimpses of the babies’ development until the age of 3 months. As this period is the beginning of their development, no wonder if Moms are required to give an extra attention. However, do not hesitate to ask for help from Dads or other family members if you are too tired. Do not push yourself, Moms. Try to get enough rest every day.

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