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Development Guide: Babies Aged 0-12 Months

Morinaga Platinum - 18 July 2023

Moms, at the age of 0-12 months old, babies will grow and learn faster. At this stage, they start to interact with the surrounding and learn to identify their emotions. During their physical development, babies will start to laugh out loud and need help to learn to walk. Entering the age of 4 months old, their nap time will reduce during the day and most babies will fall asleep the whole night when they enter the age of 6-8 months old.

During those days, there will be moments when Moms are amazed to see the babies’ rapid development and there will moments when their development feels stagnant. But you don’t need to worry as babies will keep developing. However, put in mind that babies with special needs will not be develop as fast normal babies.

At the age of 4 months old, babies will be showing their ability in doing some head movements, such as lifting their head 90 degrees while on the prone position. They will start smiling and laughing out loud. Their little hands will begin to reach for an object and hold it with both hands and move their eyes to follow the object. Not only that, they will also be showing some interests to the surroundings, making voice to seek for attention when they are hungry or thirsty, and able to recognize familiar faces and interact with them.

Moving to the age of 8 months old, babies are able to sit upright, Moms. Then they will start learning to roll over to the side and crawl, and making some cute voices that can make Moms to adore them more when hearing them. During this age, Moms could teach them how to clap their hands, imitate voices, and interact more with them through simple games and conversations, because they also enjoy these kinds of activities. Babies are also able to express their feelings about the things they like or not.

Meanwhile, entering the age of 12 months old, they will be able to stand and walk, point at something with their index finger, understand some simple vocabularies such as the word “no”, say at least 3 simple words, even lift both of their hands when you try to dress them. Aren’t they amazing and adorable?

But what if they show signs of growth delay? Actually, you don’t need to worry about this as every baby has their own unique stage during the development process. However, if you notice some things out of the ordinary, you could consult to the nearest pediatrician. Well, enjoy the togetherness with your babies, Moms.

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