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Beware of the Risks of Obesity on Your Child

Morinaga Platinum - 19 July 2023

It is every parent’s dream to have a healthy and fat child as it looks adorable. Almost everyone thinks that being fat means that children have a good appetite and healthy, while being thin means that they are unhealthy and lack of nutrition. Is it true?

According to some researches, it turned out that being fat does not always mean that the children are healthy, Moms. Many doctors assume that an obese child needs to be checked up medically. An overweight child can increase the risks of various diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, or early puberty. Obesity can also make the children to be depressed and lower their confidence.

Then are all obesity cases categorized as unhealthy? The answer is no, because not all overweight child is obese. To find this out, Moms could check on some parameters such as body mass (weight chart), age, and height index.

The main cause of obesity is the number of calories that enter the children’s body is larger than the calories burned into energy. Not to mention that more fast food restaurants are tantalizing the children. In addition to that, the technology advancement nowadays is producing many games for the children which does not require too much energy, such as video games, playstation, or internet.

It turns out that obesity on children can’t be separated from Moms and Dads’ role that tend to allow them to eat food with high calories, sugar, and fat. So, Moms and Dads should be more careful in choosing food for the children.

Moms and Dads should be the children’s role models by consuming more healthy and nutritious food that contains high fiber, such as vegetables and fruits. Don’t also forget to regularly exercise with your children so they will be healthier, fitter, and stronger as well as increasing the intimacy between parents and child.

Moms, do not forget to always apply a perfect eating pattern that is completed by milk for your children, as well as a healthy lifestyle by exercise regularly so they are prevented from obesity.

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