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Benefits of Lying Prone for Babies

Morinaga Platinum - 14 September 2016

Moms are sometimes reluctant to put babies to sleep in a prone position because they think it will be bad for the babies, so they choose to put them to sleep in a supine position. However, the supine position is believed to give some benefits for babies. Let’s find out what the benefits are!

Helps in Shaping the Skull

Babies’ skulls are quite elastics as they are still not perfectly shaped. Therefore, the prone position is believed to prevent the back of their skull to become flat caused by lying supine for too long. The prone position is able to help speed up the shaping of their skull as well.

Exercising the Neck Muscles

The prone position apparently can help babies to exercise their neck muscles as they will tend to lift up their head when lying in a prone position. Normally, they will be able to do this when they reach the age of 4 months.

A Better Sleeping Quality

Moms, the prone position can actually help the babies to sleep more soundly. This is because the prone position can help to reduce the shock reflexes when they are sleeping. By doing this, babies will feel more awake and reduce their quantity of fussiness.

Increasing the Lungs’ Functions

In the prone position, the lungs are faced towards the bed and supporting the body. This can actually make the babies’ lungs bone to be stronger and the lungs will function even better.

Although proven to be beneficial, Moms still need to be careful when putting babies to sleep in a prone position. Don’t leave them for too long in that position and keep an eye on them. Therefore, Moms could change their position when they look uncomfortable.

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