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Baby Spa Benefits for Training Baby’s Motor

Morinaga Platinum - 14 September 2016

Baby spa or baby massage is increasingly popular. Many Moms routinely take their babies to the baby spa to get the best treatment. However, baby spa is only allowed if the baby’s weight has reach 5 kg. Aside from being fun, baby spa which includes swimming and massaging is actually beneficial for them. One of them is to stimulate their motor movement.

Swimming can apparently train the babies’ movement and muscles which will lead to stimulating their rough motor movement. When their rough motor has functioned properly, the other development process will get better as well. If the babies are confident enough to move, they will be more triggered to crawl and even walk.

The massage given during baby spa is certainly not done abruptly, Moms. This massage can stimulate babies’ fine motor movement to be working well, so that they can develop their ability to play or move things. Not only that, their body can also be more relaxed after receiving the baby spa massage.

Baby spa is also good for digestion, blood circulation, bones development, and many more. However, those benefits will be more effective if the baby spa is done in a regular basis, at least twice a week for the babies to feel the benefits.

Let’s try out baby spa and get a lot of benefits for your babies!

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