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5 Steps to Build Your Children’s Confidence

Morinaga Platinum - 31 July 2023

Confidence is people’s views of themselves and how much they judge their own self. Confidence is also affected by the views and expectations of people around us. Confidence starts to appear since toddler and continues to develop until adult.

For the children, confidence will be formed if they feel that they have some abilities and loved by the people around them, such as parents, relatives, friends, teachers and others. A good and healthy confidence will be formed if these 2 elements are balanced.

Try to pay attention whether your children are able to make small decision like choosing which clothes to wear. If they do, then it means that they are starting to understand who they are and what they can do. For children who are going to school already, their confidence will be more formed and challenged as they begin to compare themselves with others.

Moms must definitely agree that self-confidence is the children’s shield to face the outside world. If they feel confident, they will know their strengths and weaknesses. They will be able to handle conflicts and problems better. Confident children tend to be more optimistic.

For children who have low self esteem, they are easily get frustrated and angry when facing a problem. They will also think pessimistically.

Parents play an important role in building the children’s confidence. We have to build the confidence as early as possible. Do not let them to develop a pessimistic thought as this will be difficult to change when they get older. Check the following 5 steps that Moms could do at home to build your children’s confidence:

Love and Protect Them

The affection and care that Moms give will greatly help to increase their confidence. Get used to hug and give them encouraging words. Avoid having an argument with your spouse in front of the children.

Do Not Scold Them Too Much

If the children make a mistake, Moms could gently tell and correct them. Do not scold or blame them too much. Tell them that they are wrong and you understand how they feel.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Do not hurt the children’s feeling when they fail to do something. Choosing words abruptly when giving reaction to the children can make them grow with a pessimistic attitude. Do not always focus on the results, but appreciate their effort. However, if they succeed, don’t praise too much as well, because this can lead them to be arrogant and think that they are better than others.

Be Their Role Model

There is no better way to build your children’s confidence than being their role model. Moms should show them a positive and optimistic attitude. Teach them how to calmly and cold-headedly solve problems.

Correct Their Wrong Mindset

Do your children feel that they are incapable of doing something? Or do they think that they are great instead? Moms should correct this wrong mindset. Explain their strengths and weaknesses and what they can do to fix or improve those strengths and weaknesses.

These 5 steps may sound simple but are quite challenging to be implemented. Make this process as our chance to reflect ourselves in order to be a better person, which will certainly be a role model for the children.

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