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4 Important Nutrients to Optimize Children’s Intelligence

Morinaga Platinum - 23 January 2019

Who does not want their children to grow healthy, active, and smart? Surely every parent expects the same. Two things that are very important in optimizing children’s intelligence are a consistent and proper stimulation pattern as well as proper and complete nutrients. So what nutrients that play an important role in optimizing children’s intelligence?


It is a protein contained in breast milk. Alpha-Lactalbumin stimulates the production of breast milk, so the amount of milk produced can fulfill the children’s needs. For children’s development, Alpha-Lactalbumin is not less important, which is ensuring the amount amino acids needed during the development process is sufficient. Amino acids play a role in the brain development.

In addition to that, studies have shown that Alpha-Lactalbumin is needed for stimulating children’s immune system so they will not get sick easily.


Choline is necessary to form children’s memory by stimulating the formation of brain cells. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed choline supplementation proved to be able to improve verbal and visual memory to increase someone’s intelligence. Some foods that contain a lot of choline are milk, egg yolks, soybeans, beef, chicken meat, peanut butter, wheat, sesame seeds, potatoes, broccoli and oats.

Omega-3 and Omega-6

Both are essential fatty acids that also play a key role in optimizing children’s intelligence. This essential fatty acids is the raw material in forming the veil of brain nerve cells which serves to accelerate the brain work. A complete formation of this veil makes comprehension—which is needed in the learning process--becomes faster.

Omega-6 can be found in vegetable oils, such as corn oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil as well as nuts and seeds. Meanwhile, there are 2 types of omega-3, they are long-chain omega-3 (eicosapentaenoic acid/EPA dan docosahexaenoic acid/DHA) and short-chain omega-3 (alpha linolenic/ALA). ALA is contained in plants, such as flaxseed, walnuts, and soybeans, while DHA and EPA can be obtained from sea fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines.


Iron helps to optimize children’s intelligence by keeping their learning concentration at school. Lack of iron causes cognitive function, speech capability and small motor development to decline. Therefore, Moms should make sure that the children’s need of iron is fulfilled. You could prepare food made of beef, beef liver, black beans, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, broccoli, and strawberries.

Do you know, Moms, there now is milk for growth that contains all the four essential nutrients above? Morinaga Platinum Moricare+ Prodiges is a superior innovation, a combination of nutrients between multitalented intelligence, double body defense and optimum growth factors. You could adjust the type of milk according to your children’s age; Morinaga Platinum Chil Kid for 1-3 years old and Morinaga Platinum Chil School for 4-12 years old.

With a proper and complete nutrition, children’s brain development will reach its maximum. Make sure that Moms always pay attention to their food composition.

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