10 Fun Holiday Activities for the Children

Morinaga Platinum - 24 January 2019

Children’s most awaited moment is finally coming: school holiday! After struggling with various daily activities, children certainly can’t wait to fill their holiday with fun and exciting activities.

Usually, the school holiday is the time when Moms do not have any idea about what kind of activity to do with the children, but still within the household budget. Holiday does need to be spent by going out of town, abroad or to the shopping center, Moms. Let’s check out the following fun holiday activities yet useful for the children and you don’t have to worry anymore.

Cooking Together

If you previously cooked by yourself considering the time, now is the right moment to ask your children to participate in cooking. They can be the chef assistant and in charge to prepare simple food ingredients such as spices, washing the vegetables, etc. For older age groups, they can help you to chop the vegetables and meats before processed.


Children would love to play in the open space. Take this moment to ask them to plant flowers, sweep the garden, weed some withered leaves or twigs, and water the plants. Do these activities while telling them the name of trees, plants and flowers. Moms could also create a treasure hunting games by hiding some colorful papers in the garden and ask the children to find them.

Tidying Up the Bedroom

Discuss with your children about the look of their bedroom. Moms could ask them to make a few changes that doesn’t require too much time, effort and cost. For example, tidying up the wardrobe, sticking decorative stickers on the wall, arranging their plastic beam toys or displaying their work on the wall. By involving the children, they will be more responsible to maintain the tidiness of their room.

Having a Picnic in the House Yard

If your house yard is big enough, try to have a picnic there. Spread the mat and prepare some snacks in the lunch box. To add more fun, set up a tent in the yard. Moms could also prepare a barbeque party in front of the tent.


Get your children to do a simple creation like a frame, pencil case, etc. for older age group, they can learn how to sew, embroider, knit, or make scrapbooks and greeting cards.

Cleaning the House

The only way that children can be more responsible in maintaining the cleanliness of the house is by learning from Moms and Dads. Divide the house chores like sweeping, mopping, washing clothes and dishes, which is appropriate according to their age and capability.


This activity isn’t only healthy, but also can strengthen the relationship between the family members. Take your children to cycling, playing ball, swimming, or any other sport that they like.


The children must have a group of friends that they often do activities together or maybe they are close with the children of your friends. Well, this is also an alternative for holiday: playdate. This can be done by visiting a friend’s house, inviting your friends to the house, or playing together to an agreed destination.


Staying at the house of grandparents, uncle-aunt, or other relatives can be a fun holiday activity as well as to strengthen the family relationships. Children will have the chance to play with the family members whom they may not see every day.


Usually schools have had their academic calendar where Moms could find out when your children will be having holiday. Moms could anticipate the holiday by setting aside some of the household budget so the children can do some activities that are related to their hobbies. For example, take a short drawing or painting courses, or other courses that they might be interested to.

How is it, Moms? Are you ready to welcome the children’s school holiday? Have fun!

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